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My three-hour classes are quick rundowns on marketing basics.

Receive an official letter of recommendation along with a Linked-In recommendation when you take two or more classes!

  1. Weekly Marketing Tips, Current Events, and Trends (FREE)
    • Every Wednesday at 8 PM join me and a small group of students to discuss and share the latest in B2C and B2B marketing. Email me for an invitation to the chat.
  2. Basics of Social Media Account Management  ($150)
  3. Intro to Instagram for Business ($200)
  4. Intro to Facebook for Business ($200)
  5. Intro to Pinterest for Business ($200)
  6. Social Media Analytics ($350)
    • I’ll show you how to put together a monthly report, analyze the data, and present it to a client.
  7. Canva Design Tutorial ($200)
  8. Google Analytics ($350)
  9. Search Engine Optimization Crash Course ($350)
  10. Launch a Website Within 3 Hours ($450)
    • Includes site mapping submission to Google for SEO.

*Programs and software not provided. Students are responsible for providing their own materials and computers. Courses are non-refundable.